Life Happens..


I’m a 24 year old southern bell from Shreveport, Louisiana who moved to Little Rock Arkansas 2 1/2 years ago with dreams, aspirations and goals and the world at my finger tips.

I moved away in search of creating my own life and finding myself, so I did just that.  I’m an esthetcian and found a fabulous job at a high end day spa there giving facials and doing eyelash extensions. I  found myself and lost myself..I was becoming my own person. I was creating a life, making really great money, making friends, working out and proving so much to myself. I had so much satisfaction at the end of each day. I obtained a clientele and I had pride in that..  fast forward a year and a half and I moved positions to a elite salon in Little Rock, with 80% of my clients following me there..I was doing great. Life was great, money was flowing and I had “the life” that I worked so hard for. Mid April I had started loosing weight rapidly and was having some stomach issues that I thought would disappear, well they didn’t.  I found myself sick as a dog in bed curled in a ball with a high fever & my stomach hurting like never before. The most horrendous pain I had ever felt. My amazing mom drove 3 hours to get me and 3 hours back to Louisiana to take me to the ER.

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis.  It was the end of the world to me..I was healthy, I ate well and worked out..  I was out of work for about a month and having pain I had never known. In no time I was back on top, taking medicine 3X’s a day I was back to work.. things were peachy and life was good. Things were as if nothing happened..


Fast forward 3 moths later, July 24th I decided to go on a date, nothing wrong with that , right!?. I had been on many dates before, didn’t think anything of it. . went out had dinner we were having a great time and after went for a spin in his black corvette.. it was thrilling we had the t-top down, it had just rained so in the dead of summer it was a nice cool drive. Little did I know moments to come after my life would change. We rounded a curve and hit a straight away .. the car went out of control hitting a utility pole crashing on my side. The door was caved in on my side. I remember waking up first from the initial crash.. realizing I was stuck as I tried to lift myself out.. I knew I was in a really bad situation. I couldn’t feel pain in the moment, I was terrified..  I was yelling for help and thank God people stopped to call for help.I couldn’t believe I was conscious.. Brandon my date was passed out.  I turned to look and three cars were pulled over. A woman yelled out that help was on its way and to stay calm( I wish I knew who those people were to thank them). I passed out after that. The next thing I knew a team of officers were surrounding the car. Someone was holding my hand telling me things might get loud,and they were about to get me out of the car. They  used the jaws of life to get the door off of me.I heard the crunch and a pain so excruciating I wanted to die.

Fast forward, my injuries from the accident included a shattered pelvis. Five areas were affected. A ruptured bladder,internal bleeding, lacerated liver, fractured ribs, and a wound on my back. I was being held together by the hands of God almighty the entire time. I was in ICU for 10 days, the hospital for a month and a half and rehab for 2 weeks . I had a journey ahead of me and still do, I had no clue of. I had to learn to walk again, and still have weakness in my left side and struggle. But I’m healing and I’m believing for complete restoration. ddblog2

That night life happened  when I had other plans. I just wanted to go out with a hot guy, not practically die. The rolling waves of life are ever changing..we aren’t granted tomorrow, our health as healthy as you try to be isn’t granted and life is down right hard as hell . One day things are “seemingly perfect” you HAVE IT ALL, the perfect Job and the next it can all be stripped away. Money isn’t eternal our bodies aren’t eternal. The only thing eternal is our soul. If you’ve read this far I say all that to say the truth and ask.. What condition is your heart in?  It takes being brought back to a heart of thankfulness and dropping to your knees to be where God wants you to be. Tough times are a reminder that we serve an even bigger God! And I get to see him show out!  Life can hand out things you could never prepare yourself for, but I serve a mighty God who is ever present. A comforter and healer. That’s where I’m at, trusting him. The waves may be crashing down harder than ever but God says in Psalm 46:10 “be still and know that I am God” He will be there! If you’ve never prayed before, maybe you’re not sure about God or you’ve known him your entire life and tried it before, TRY AGAIN. All you must do is ask and he will be there. Step out and trust him with your situation whatever it may be. I pray for every person reading this, for God to enter your situation and bring his perfect all surpassing peace to your life! 

COLOSIANS 3:15                                     PHILIPPIANS 4:7                                    ISIAH 52:7







3 thoughts on “Life Happens..

  1. Delanie ❤that was awesome…amazing the journey you’ve been on. Jesus says, get into the boat and we’ll go to the other side (VICTORY ) and that’s where you’re headed💜


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