six months..


5 thoughts on “six months..

  1. Thank you for posting this. You indeed are brave. You had the choice to wallow in self pity. Praise God for your testimony and healing!


    1. I was with you in the beginning and I knew you more than the drs ever could. I was with you,for you and would never let you fail. You are so special and some of us will always be there , maybe quietly but always there. Love you girl and you will succeed in what ever you decide is where you want to go. Also there’s a great man out there just for you. In all things trust in that inner voice, for the Lord is with us.

      Arkansas Canine Rescue

      Ps. Miss my fantastic lashes

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  2. My heart was aching for you as I read and looked at these photos. Amazing you are here to tell this story. Praise God for allowing your body to begin to heal and believing for a complete restoration of your body.

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  3. I have known you, your mom and your grand parents practically all my life… You and my daughter, heather knew each other when y’all were 5 or 6 when we all lived in the Jefferson Paige rd mobile home park..I’m Kim Owens… I have kept up with your story and GOD IS GOOD!!!! I continue to pray for your total and complete healing sweet girl. Your an inspiration to many. I have a best friend that just found out she has cancer and will start treatments soon. I will share your story with her just for the encouragement in itself. 😊

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