Today I sat down with my beautiful grandmother, 
Helen Louise sissy Wilson Anderson. Oh that sassy grandmother of mine. Who passed on her love of coffee to me.. We went to Rhino coffee in downtown Shreveport.. and I set out with a goal in mind, I wanted to ask her a few questions as she has lived 75 years of life and been married to my pawpaw for 56 years.

I asked her if I could interview her. and had the pleasure of doing so..I asked her what would your advice to my generation be?
She responded with two words: Integrity & patience! 
I asked her to please explain these words, she went on to say “integrity because it is the main thing lacking in every generation, people don’t keep their word like they should. People can give you their word about something one minute and the next minute when something comes along that sounds better, they have no problem with dropping those plans previously made. When they should follow through with the original plan, that my dear is a fickle friend and dare I say, you stay far far away from people like that because when push comes to shove they will be no where around.”
We continued and I asked her about Patience, what about patience? She stated ,” Patience, because we live in a microwave society now.. if it’s not immediate people act like their own god and do what they want to do, they do not have to have faith it out …
It’s easy to do now days, to become so distracted & so busy & go along with whatever.. It’s time to put a stop to that and to willfully faith it out again, and that is what takes the Patience part.”
“God has a way of working patience in us whether we want it or not, through life circumstances, he will develop it and later in life it will be beneficial. With patience you will be able to combat through faith and not fall victim to the microwave.”
She went on to add .. ” Also everyone is looking for love and acceptance in the wrong places! Not having patience in the Love department. They’re microwaving love, just finding anyone to show them a little attention and it’s ending in heart ache,  heartbreak and divorce because society is so superficial, they are missing the heart of the matter, they’re in love with the idea of love than actually the person themselves.. they’re missing the heart of the matter & that is what’s inside of you.”
I asked her why she thought everyone was looking in the wrong places, she said
“because it’s a spiritual problem, It’s a void, going from relationship to relationship, people are wanting something that only by seeking first the Kingdom of God can fulfill. The love of God.. When looking for a relationship look first to God to faith it out not microwave it!”
Today as I listened to my grandmothers words I  was amazed by her.. What if we had more integrity & walked with more patience.. how different our lives would be. How having both of those factors would impact our lives more.. how dealing with our friends, co-workers and relationships would become better.. today was a really  cool, deep conversation. I left feeling like I just was downloaded with the secrets of life.. I really want to thrive with those things more than that I want to conquer in those areas. It was so great getting to hear these answers and I feel like I’ve known these things but hearing it again holds me more accountable for them now, it makes me want to intentionally put them into practice
If you’ve read this today I hope and pray it impacts you in someway. Know the stories may all be different but one thing stands true it all leads back to the same answer, JESUS! He is the way the truth and life.

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