Love. IS >

Sharing some thoughts on LOVE and some of my favorite products I LOVE with Valentines day upon us.

Hey ya’ll Delanie here, hope this finds you well and your week is going wonderful! If you find yourself reading this I hope it encourages you and inspires you in some form or fashion.. xoxo 


LOVE, what comes to mind when you hear or read that word??

For me I think of my family, my sweet puppies, the love I have for coffee and sweets and tasty food.. I’m sucha foodie its bad..I think of my precious mother and how she has always put me first and thought of me..How she taught me to love myself, value my individuality, dream big and to never dare shrink within at the expense of another persons insecurity. To always shine bright. img_6283

think of  Elle Woods when she went to Harvard to prove her love and worth to Warner in Legally Blonde, If you’re unfamiliar, it didn’t work.. he was just a sorry coward  .. I think of Bella and Edward in Twilight and how she changed to become a vampire because she loved Edward so much and how Edward did everything to keep her. Is it so corny those were my first movie examples I thought of haha oh well.. 

I al
so think of the love of country and our military who put their life on the line for our freedom. Each of those examples were an act of sacrifice LOVE ! When its not pretty or fun its still done. That’s what breaks my heart for my generation.. when the going gets hard people think they’ve lost love when in reality its time to just push through. Sacrifice!

LOVE, I see It through social media and know friends who are are turning their love into life and getting married, and having babies..cross

I recently saw love in death, that sounds odd..well I recently went to a funeral this past week and I saw so much love for a man 83 years old who passed. The amount of love from his family and friends was so immense. I saw love so big and it reminded me of the greatest love story ever & that was for you and I, The Love Christ had to die on a cross for our sins and salvation. John 3:16 How a father could love us so, that he gave his only son to die for us to live eternally with him.. SACRIFICE. When we feel we have lost all hope, Gods is there to remind us his love for us is bigger than any disappointment. On new years eve I challenged myself for the new year 2017 to love and live like there’s no love-istomorrow. I’ve never wanted live more & do more than I do now..  We’re not granted
tomorrow & after coming close to deaths door I realize I
 want to step into living and loving bigger than ever because we live in a hurting world.. There’s a lack of love, hurting people hurt people..offense, anger and resentment..are so common these days and for myself I’ve learned it takes so much away from me to hold on to an offense, it steals my joy and downright is a recipe for disaster .. so I choose to love instead. You will never regret being kind or showing love v.s hate! Love is greater and conquers and covers all .  #GOLOVESOMEONE because LOVEIS>  


Some of my favorite go-to products. Whether you have a hot date for Valentines or a Gal’entines  with all your gals planned, here are a few of my favorite things to inspire a sure-fire LOVE-LY glamorous night!

  • Davines strong hold hairspray – smells like wedding cake and is AHmazing!
  • Perfume- Flower Bomb by Victor&Rolf
  • Too Faced (Melted Fuchsia)-long wear lip stain, will last all night
  • YSL lip gloss number 204 will give the stain a velvety finish
  • Estee Lauder 210 Pink tease blush -absolute fav!!

The Shoes pictured above are from a small local boutique here in Shreveport, Poppy Clothing (@thepoppyclothing) on instagram. Its located in Mall Saint Vincent pretty sure they still carry these. I LOVE them so much they’re fairly comfortable for such a high heel, I actually am only posing in them, I still have my work cutout for me before I can prance around in a heel like this again.



4 thoughts on “Love. IS >

  1. Have been following you and praying for you since your accident! God is pouring out His wisdom and love through you… get ready… you are about to SOAR like never before because He is going to use you for great things! Be open to His voice. He will let you know!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. First of all, I love the Pink 👠 heels…if I was young again. I could so rock those 🤔Loved the blog and your perspective since the accident. I know God is using you to encourage others to pursue Him passionately 🙏🏻Love love you❤️


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