Change is a beautiful thing..

So its been a few weeks since I’ve written & I hope this finds you well if you find yourself reading…  I’ve been a busy girl and have a lot to share with y’all. So many exciting things have been happening. Several people I’m close with are getting married within this year so all the festivities will be beginning soon. So since I’ve been out of the loop for about 6+ months I decided I needed to go down south to visit one of my life long friends, we were counting up and we haven’t seen each other in over 10 months due to distance and my accident. I will be in her wedding in May and I had yet to meet the man who has stolen her heart over the course of this past year..I told Lindsey “I couldn’t meet her future husband they day they got married.” It just didn’t feel right, haha So on to Houma, La I went.. It was such a great trip and seeing her in love and meeting her fiance’ Alan..It made me so happy for them! As young girls I’ll never forget the nights we spent dreaming about our future husbands and its happening for her now. She is like a sister to me truly and its amazing no matter the time that has gone by we pick up wherever we leave off. Its the best blessing to have friends like that. dL&D

While being down there being that close to New Orleans I went to visit another friend as well who she and her husband and little girl moved to New Orleans, La  a little over three years ago, she was my former dance coach and now forever friend. Meanwhile being there another friend joined in on the trip and we discussed the amount of change that has taken place in all of our lives.How everyone was once in a certain place an now there somewhere else.. For her she moved from Shreveport to New Orleans & getting to see her world and life unfold in a new city and Gods hand in it all and all the glorious details has been a really cool thing.  We strolled the streets of New Orleans and ate some super amazing yummy food.

Its truly amazing to see all of life’s ever changing facets and for me I would have never dreamed a few months ago I would have been able to drive  5+ hours down south to have a fun girl weekend walkin around New Orleans like I was doing, being as though it takes a lot for me to be on my feet long periods of time ..I stood in aw as we were walkin around full of a thankful heart of Gods providence. I couldn’t be more  thankful for change and moving forward. Wow.. That’s been where I’m at..I can’t see the full picture of what things will be yet but I’m learning to trust the process and be okay with that.. My life is now in Shreveport, La for now and different friends have asked if I will move again and I can’t even entertain those thoughts right now. From moving from Arkansas back to Louisiana I’m trusting God where I’m at now and if that’s meant to happen eventually it will.

So I wanted to share a story  with y’all during my time in the hospital, one day my Occupational therapist asked me a question at one of my lowest moments during recovery, he asked how I was doing on the inside, this was in a period of time where i was wheelchair bound and the road ahead of me wasn’t looking very pretty..  and that was so huge to me.. no one had asked me that. I was in shock , I broke down and starting crying and let me tell you, Chad was like the older brother I’ve never had.. I couldn’t believe I was crying in front of him, no one had been so real with me but his next few words were a such a turning point for me. He said “You have to let the old you’re not her anymore.”

rose At first I was so confused and mad..because I was me, I was going to still be me I wanted to be the old me… but he meant everything I use to do. The things I was defined by, my job, what I was involved in.. was going to all change, so therefore that old me had to die. And in that moment I realized so much was going to change and it has. I was fighting to have the old me back and it made me mad I could’t just have the old me back but It wasn’t going to happen..  Just like a real death , part of my soul died and its been really hard, physically and emotionally I had to cope with that and still am today. Changing wasn’t what I was prepared for and some days I still don’t like the change. My body has scars all over it now and my shape is different and being a woman our figures are one of our most sacred elements of femininity .. change  hasn’t been fun but along the way its gotten better for me. I’m just being me and cultivating new perspectives and new things. Things could have been worse but I’m in a much better place these days, Its amazing when you stop fighting the old it truly opens doors to miracles for new beginnings. I’m excited to say I have started my own Aesthetics and Lash studio here in my home town and my jewelry business is growing and change is proving to be a really beautiful thing even as hard as its been.
I feared coming home I would lack in friendship and fulfillment but  God has been so faithful to me its been overwhelming and amazing, I see his hand in every facet and corner of my life and I don’t want that to ever change.

If you’ve read this today I pray if you’re having a hard time letting go of something or growing into something new, know it could be holding you back to fresh doors of opportunity. And just like that beautiful rose pictured above I’m reminded that growin and change will always be a beautiful thing ! Xoxo- Delanie



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