P R O G R E S S . I S. A . P R O C E S S!

P R O G R E S S.  I S . A .  P R O C E S S

Above are a few pictures that literally showcase my life over the past 10 months .. Going from learning to walk again ( I lived with a walker for a while), to being bed ridden full of exhaustion to sitting on a patio normally and enjoying some sweet sunshine.

Keep moving forward, strive for progress over perfection! 

Progress .. Wow. What a word! Never have I know the meaning like I do to this day! The progress I’ve made over this last 10 Months in my recovery from my accident to today.. has been like night and day.. except It’s been 10 agonizing long months.. since the tragic night of July 24th. The process from then to now and how much better I am definitely didn’t happen overnight .. a first date became a catastrophic nightmare, the nightmare every mother and father NEVER  want to see come to pass. Happened to me.. Coming so close to deaths door.  I have come a million miles and all Glory goes to God! From being in intensive care at Baptist Hospital in Little Rock Arkansas, multiple fractures and multiple injuries & multiple surgeries later. Being in an induced coma for 10 days to living in a hospital for nearly 2 months..Having to learn to walk again. Not being able to shower or wash my hair for months… Standing on my own two feet & learning to function on my own again.. months of recovery to follow ..Its safe to say I’ve learned the word PROGRESS.


When a victory was being able to walk up a ramp… to being able to stand for 1 minute. How altogether crushing that was to be a victory though .. my body and spirit was crushed.. .. It’s been a rough road this last 10 months but wow have I seen Gods hand through it all!!!
I’m at a place of so much thankfulness in my heart for progress.. I can think of the agonizing days and nights when my pain med’s just weren’t cutting it and the pain I was facing made me want to just die.. I felt useless and worthless. I felt like a burden to everyone around me. I couldn’t do much of anything for myself but sit. I couldn’t stand having to be helped so much. It was so difficult to even stand to go help myself to a cup of coffee, to balance holding the cup and balance walking.
 Before my accident I was so independent. I didn’t need anyone..I didn’t want to need anyone. I was doing life and handling it all by myself and I liked it that way. I had some pride.. In my abilities and in my job. But being in a place of need can change your attitude real quick and give you a good dose of humility. As I’m writing this I’m enjoying a cup of coffee and listening to the birds singing outside my window, I say and share all of this in hopes that it encourages you.
If you’re going through something don’t please don’t have so much pride that you can’t seek help in some area, talk things out with a trusted loyal friend.! We all go through things in different ways, you may say, “but you just don’t understand” and maybe  I wouldn’t but that doesn’t mean you should bottle up what you’re going through or just push it under the rug. Listen I recently heard about a gal who committed suicide!  Something big was going on in her head to act that out. It breaks my heart that nothing could change her mind.. she was a smart girl, she was a nurse, she had a big future ahead of her but all she could see was her momentary problems.. what a trick of the evil one. We may go through things that feel like will never end but the truth is there’s always a turn at every road eventually. 
I’m so thankful for the message of the Lord and the support system I’ve had through my struggles.. I’m thankful I know I must find my worth in Christ and not the things of this world. My image, my job, my salary can’t truly make me happy, my social status wont make that cut.. the only thing that can pass the cut is Jesus!
If you’ve read to this point, I share this all in hopes that it encourages you to know were all  a work in P R O GR E S S.. some may face it in other ways & facets but were all on this crazy train called LIFE and the world has this idea of perfection that no one can meet..
Everyone’s looking for the next best thing… Everyone sees the grass as being greener on the other side. But guess what?  ITS NOT! Everyone’s got crap to go through, its unfortunate but you’re not alone!! Through social media everyone’s lives come across so perfect and put together.. but just put one foot in front of the other as the old song says and ” soon you’ll be walking out the door”
But real talk, I share all of that to say life is a process and progress doesn’t happen over night. We live in a instant gratification world these days and its just plain and simple our lives don’t work that way.
Philippians 1:6 says ” Have patience, God isn’t finished yet.”  
He works slow and the devil will try and blind you with lies and deception. 

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