THE BEST IS YET TO COME, even in your Brokenness

Two weekends ago I went to Little Rock, no surprise there. Love going there. It has so many little happy places, I find so much joy in being there, the hills, the boutiques and the coffee shops all call my name. Several great friends live there so it’s always a joy to go! And catch up where we leave off. 

I went with the intentions of doing something I haven’t done in quite sometime and that was to hike & climb Pinnacle mountain that sits about 15/20 minutes outside of Little Rock. When I lived there I’d go hike several times a month just to get a good sweat in and refresh my soul with a great view. This time was different I didn’t know what to expect since it’s been over a year due to my accident since I’d tried. I was so pumped to try though and knew my body was ready for it. I have literally had fire in my bones just wanting to push for more and see what my body is capable of since my trauma. Knowing I had lungs that can breath and legs that were capable that have been kept at bay healing the past year.. I’ve been dying on the inside to be active again. I’m finally being able to now! img_0615

So I convinced two of my good girlfriends to join me, ( they must love me b/c it was dreadfully hot ) We set out and we began the hike. Along the path I couldn’t help but notice the shifts in the terrain    .. there were different paths and a few areas that show little yellow marks of ” the way you should go” we followed some and got sidetracked some and found we we’re not on the exact hike path. But we were still headed to the top! Each step along the way I was reminded of life, we can get so sidetracked, distracted .. make the wrong choice or we think we made the right choice but it backfires on us..

Each step was a small reminder that no matter those sidetracks, those fail -ups, we must keep going and push forward. We wouldnt have just stopped and turned around.. no we had to go to the top! The mountain side became very steep as we got closer to the top so each step was like a full body lunge.. It was hard.  but each step up was a victory, reaching closer and closer to a glorious destination an that was the hope of what we were going through would be worth it in the end because a beautiful view awaited us!!   img_0707

I was so pumped the entire time. Knowing everything up until this point was so worth it! After learning to walk again, becoming strong enough to walk well without a limp and Have strength enough to balance my own body weight.. I was hiking a mountain side.. I’ve never felt more alive and strong than in that moment! Along the way there were small glimpses of the view Lake Maumelle sat behind us peaking through the trees. It made me want to keep going and see it all from the top!

I kept seeing butterflies along the path and first off I LOVE BUTTERFLIES so I was automatically swooning but then I was reminded of my life and how along the journey of life the people who have come into my life, who have poured love, life, joy and hope into my life and have just been beautiful souls. Beautiful butterflies on the journey.. just passing through being a beautiful soul. Not self seeking, not asking for anything in return, just busy being beautiful.. time stops when I come across people made of this magic. I’m thankful for those souls! There was this one butterfly specifically I spied on our hike, It made itself know. It was a confident lil thing.. perched on a rock right near me and even landed on my hand for a second. I couldn’t help but notice Its wings were uneven and I had to get a picture of it.  It was still flying around doing normal butterfly things being pretty and minding its own. It had the most beautiful color.. but one wing looked a little broken. image1 (14)

We’re all a little broken, not all willing to admit it at times and that’s ok. You don’t have to, being broken is ok. I feel like that word is so taboo or something.. like admitting to being broken makes it like there’s something wrong with you, when being broken is normal and okay.. Its good to recognize that you’re broken and Its life’s way of preparing you for even greater blessing ahead. Without brokenness how would we know whats right and true, humility, and wholeness. Maybe you’re in the midst of brokenness as you read this. You feel hopeless, life hasn’t been fair to you. . Please know there is a God who has a plan on your life, it isn’t the end of the road and you’re only in a season. I can’t give you a reason why you had to experience brokenness but I know life is hard, and we all have things we go through . Its hurtful, painful and brings on its own destruction and demands, but it brings growth and wisdom if we allow it. Let me repeat.. if WE ALLOW it.

Yes, we are our own worst enemy because we ALLOW how we respond and react. We can stay stuck and grumble or move forward with the new found strength we embody after being put through the fourth degree. I have to share a quote. by Oscar Wilde, he said. ” what seems to us as bitter trials is often blessings in disguise.”

We might not see (blessings ) for a long time but in time our brokenness it can lead to immense blessing. THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!

And for us girls we were nearing the top of the mountain on our hike and finally before we knew it we were there!!! We got there! We had the view, we had a breeze and it was so exhilarating as we were still catching our breath and sweating profusely.. lol The struggle was real but we were stronger than the struggle. & I don’t say that lightly.  Grow through what you go through and the best will always be yet to come even in your brokenness.





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