growing isn’t pretty..

Hey friends, if you find yourself here I hope this brings you enlightenment and encourages your soul!

I recently moved out on my own for the second time ever like 3 months ago lol.. no co-signer, no help from the rents, or any man lol just a lot of support from people who love eyelash extensions as well as handmade jewelry.. shout out to all the boss ladies working hard!!! image1 (20)

But.. I have been busy and I’ve been wanting to share and write I’ve just been on the go so much these past few months, truly there’s no excuse I just haven’t sat still for very long and when I do I’m applying eyelash extensions or I’m putting jewelry together and making money all the ways I know how lol.. If its not jewelry its driving several hours north or south to see some of my favorite people I love dearly.. but I’m finally home and am excited to have some down time enjoying being able to write some and the holidays upon us..

image1 (18)

I’m finally in my happy space and Its full of all my little happy things, my favorites are my coffee station and my huge floor to ceiling windows full of my books and topped by my succulent plants..

image1 (19)

Meanwhile the other morning drinking my coffee looking at all my little succulent plants in my glorious windows after being gone long weekends I’ve noticed they’re growing and getting fuller putting on new buds.. its had me thinking about my life.. making me think of growth and growing and being grown.. (sort of).. out on my own and what the past year and a half has added up to, the opportunities and all that my life is amounting to, what it is full of, or what is it lacking..  am I growing on the inside and the outside.? They say I’m grown.. but I have so much growing left to do.

I’ve been looking into my soul and all around me, the people in my life, this life I’m leading and the things I do day in and day out. What’s consuming me..

I want to GROW!! Just like my little precious plants.

Grow every aspect of my life, my spirit, what am I listening to , the friends I have, and my activities. More than grow in quantity I want to grow in quality..what types of things am I filling my circle with.. the words spoken by my piers, are they uplifting, are they negative, are they full of love and life… I’ve asked myself this week   “How do I feel after time spent with certain people?” Just evaluating every aspect because my time is far too precious to be spent otherwise.. a few weeks ago after some time spent with some people I recall not liking how my time went spent with them.. how shallow and materialistic , tuning my ears to what exactly the words they were saying and what they talked about.. how little depth there was.. Except the depth on the glass of wine they where tipping back. . I enjoy a glass of wine here and there but the conversation surrounding these people was less than pleasurable. I left never wanting to feel that way again.. hence this topic.

This past weekend I was down south for one of my good friends weddings. I was a bridesmaid in held at the Houmas House plantation in South Louisiana. It was such a beautiful venue, every where you looked was pretty flowers and statues on the grounds, but as I was walking back to our room on the grounds I noticed an area with lily pads and Lotus flowers, I had never seen a real Lotus in person until this weekend.. It was the most peculiar yet the most beautiful thing Id ever seen.. it was surrounded by murky green water that wasn’t soo pretty yet this stunning purple leaf flower sat on top of the lily pads.. I researched the lotus and..

How does the lotus flower bloom? It says..

image1 (17)

lotus flower begins growing at the bottom of a muddy, murky pool, and slowly emerges toward the surface, bursting out of the water into a beautiful blossom. … The lotus seeds contain perfectly formed leaves as miniatures of what they will become when it blooms. Its stem is flexible but does not break.

How I read that and was relating to a flower was so moving and completing to me.. Life puts us through some murky waters.. It isn’t pretty at times and flat out ugly.. and it will continue to be that way more than likely because growing isn’t pretty. But yet the lotus flower blooms out completely untouched by impurity, its flawless.. Completely flawless.. My mind is blown because with God that can be our life.. we can go through some awful crap but come out on top, survive, prevail, conquer, overrule all that’s been thrown at us. All that growing I mentioned, can be done, but not come even close without God apart of it.

Matthew 19:26 states ” with God all things are possible.”

If you’re in the midst of murky waters now hold steady to the silver lining.. tough times don’t last, tough people do, that’s why its cliche.

Grow through life resistance will only make you weaker. Take courage and choose to allow God to GROW you to new heights !

Will there be growing pains, yes, you better believe it. Will it be worth it, yes. You might not see its worth for quite sometime, maybe loose some so called friends along the way, but yes.. Worth every ounce of blood in you to Grow!!

Vincent Van Gogh wrote ” Normality is a paved road, its comfortable to walk but no flowers grow”

“Like a lotus flower we too have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of the darkness and radiate life into the world.”



One thought on “growing isn’t pretty..

  1. Delanie…so perceptive. No matter my digital age, we never stop growing. I’m almost 68 years of my digital age, but yet God, by His Spirit continues to grow me in the Spirit. Challenging me to hear His voice to stretch me, change my spiritual vision. Move me higher to hear His voice…This is the way walk in it. Trusting Him in growth and change. Never settling for just Good, but His Best…never living like a second class citizen of the most high God, but ruling with Esther , for such a time as this🙏🏻Fulfilling my calling till my last breath…that’s iliving the abundance ❤️So preach on Sister🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


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